Hacking out from Fourwinds Equestrian Centre

Some of the best hacking in Lincolnshire

At Fourwinds Equitation Centre we offer hacking facilities, which are mostly off road or on quiet road

Fourty Foot Bridleways.

This is where the more experienced riders can take the horses for a good canter. We have some nice bridle ways and tracks for the more nerves hackers to ride along. Whatever your experience we have the right horses and route for you.

Please note that only riders with previous experience can book hacks due to safety issues.

If you wish to book a hack then we would first need to assess you in an 1/2 hr lesson in one of our arenas before allowing you to go out and you will be escorted at all times.

For the costs of hacks please see our lesson prices page, or contact us for more information on 01775 640533.

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